You Get What You Reward

  The whole concept of reward is to perpetuate behaviors that are desirable to the organization. This is the whole concept of motivation in all its numerous guises. The most recent version is Pink’s Motivation 2.0. Regardless of how you dress it up, behavior occurs because it is rewarded, whether it is some external reward …

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Punishing Failure versus Punishing Lack of Failure

  All modern employee engagement and reward literature encourages managers not to punish failure. The collective wisdom is that punishing failure will discourage risk-taking and stifle creativity. Depending on your business this could be damaging to your business. What about the opposite? What if we punished the lack of failure? How would that alter things? …

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Incentives and Healthcare

  It is funny sometimes how two different events end up having a connection. My wife and I were driving and listening to the radio when a story about weight loss programs played. One of the comments made was that although programs such as WeightWatchers work health insurance does not pay for them. My wife …

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