Paying for overtime with cash under the table is NOT a good practice!

Reading through the USDOL press releases it appears that many companies have problems paying for overtime. Case after case show companies being fined for overtime violations and recordkeeping errors. At an average of about $250,000 per case, plus whatever the legal costs were, a lot of overtime could have been paid for without getting in …

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A Checklist & Schedule for Workplace Injuries

I have had some safety focus of late. I posted How to prevent falls in the workplace and How will the “gig” economy affect safety. When my friends at offered up this post I thought it was a natural fit.  Nearly 13 deaths were reported every day in 2014, according to the United States …

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HR Recordkeeping and the Cloud

There are many, many companies today that are moving to “the cloud” for their data storage. Naturally there are legal issues that need to be considered in making such a move. HR in particular needs to be concerned with HR recordkeeping in the cloud. Legal issues According to John Pavolotsky, an attorney at Greenberg Traurig, …

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How to deal with a Temporary Employee Getting Injured

  I occasionally get asked about who has responsibility for an employee that is hired on a temporary basis through an agency. Many employers mistakenly think that since the person is not their employee and they are only paying a fee to receive that person’s services that they are not responsible for their safety or …

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8 Things You Need to be Aware of with OSHA in 2013

I had the opportunity to listen to a webinar put on by Ed Foulke of Fisher & Phillips LLC on OSHA recordkeeping. The short video below is my summation of what I heard were some of the major points. Expand the video to the full screen to more easily read it. [youtube][/youtube]

Five Steps to Diminish Wage & Hour Problems: Revisited

I first wrote this post in 2010, however it is still as applicable today as it was then. The links are disabled from that first post, but I have provided a link at the bottom for FLSA information. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ First off let me get the disclaimer out of the way. I am NOT an attorney. …

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