From the Archive: In case you think recording employee time is not important, think again!

Recent news items about recording employee work time have prompted me to republish this post from earlier this year. Try not to make these time recording mistakes. In my consulting practice, I run across companies occasionally that are somewhat lackadaisical in keeping track of the time their employees are working. Often this comes from another …

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Recording time for ALL employees may be the best protection against wage and hour charges

I conducted a webinar the other day on the top five wage and hour violations that companies commit. These include misclassification as exempt employees resulting in overtime not being paid. Employees complain and an investigation ensues, employees get their pay and the company pays fines and penalties. I am going to suggest a fix for …

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Who doesn’t keep time records?

In my consulting career, I have never run into companies that don’t keep time records for their nonexempt employees. Apparently, there are some companies that don’t and that spells trouble for employers. Violation of the FLSA Not keeping time records for people who have to be paid on the basis of their time worked is …

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