"Free Agent Nation" A Thing of The Past? Not In My World.

I came across a report the other day from Towers Watson (the merged result of Towers Perrin and Watson Wyatt) that basically declared the “free agent nation” dead. The concept of “Free Agent Nation”  was developed by Daniel Pink of Fast Company Magazine. It was used to describe a notion that you only worked for …

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Telecommuting: Diminishing Due to Job Cuts?

I heard a report on the radio the other day that many people who work from home as telecommuters are giving up the opportunity to do so in order to protect their jobs. The people interviewed thought that without the office “visability” they would be considered expendable. One quote was that “Having the jacket on …

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Does Recession Equal Performance?

An article in the Career section of the WallStreetJournal Online, entitled It Can Be Done: Landing a Raise in the Recession, talks about what is needed for someone to get an increase in recessionary times. It is going to take understanding your company’s position, understanding your accomplishments, being able to articulate those accomplishments, and most …

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