Turn your hood around; you might be able to see your mistake.

I occasionally report on Stupid HR situations. The EEOC told the story of one such situation, in a recent press release titled Downhole Technology to Pay $120,000 To Settle EEOC Suit for Race-Based Harassment and Retaliation. The company reaction to an employee’s claim qualifies as “stupid HR” in my opinion. Not a joke If you …

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In a hostile environment it is not the intent but the effect that is important

In a case out of the Tenth Circuit court in Kansas we learn that courts are not to interpret the intent of what someone says but the effect of what they say to determine if a hostile environment exists. What do you think? If you were, or are, an African-American employee and you worked in …

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Five Great posts to read to make you a better HR Manager

  I wanted to point out to your five great blog posts that I think you should read. These posts will educate you, make you a better Human Resources professional and may even answer a question you have. They will certainly prepare you to answer some questions in the future. First up is a post …

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