Employees habits will provide data to employers

I am away this week at an IBM #NewWaytoWork conference as an invited “Influencer” for my work writing about the future. For this week I am going to highlight a view posts that discuss some of the issues of mobility that we will be discussing at the conference. Originally posted on April 11, 2014 this …

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Future Friday: Finding talent via the Internet of Things

Using the Internet today to find people is not a surprise to anyone. Everyone knows about Linked In and Twitter and other social media sites in addition to the job boards. However, the Internet of Things is a different animal, a potentially very different way of finding the people that fit our needs exactly. A …

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Future Friday: Employees habits will provide data to employers

I and others have written a lot on wearable devices and how they may be used in the future. Here is one other possible use. Quantified Self Quantified Self or QS is a termed used to describe people keeping track of their activities and behaviors. Although the term is relatively new, coined in 2010 by …

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