From the Archive: Six Interesting age facts HR and business leaders should know

I got into a discussion with a friend about age discrimination. He agreed that age discrimination is much more rampant and “under the radar” than most people think. That made think it was time to dust off this post. A couple of interesting age facts taken from Tom Peters’ book The Little BIG Things. Written in …

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Did you know that race has more protection than other classes?

Most people in a business situation feel they are protected from discrimination by an employer because of Equal Employment Opportunity. This is not true. The coverage provided by EEO is limited by the size of the company to companies with 15 or more employees. This protects smaller businesses from being sued in all protected categories, …

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An Updated View: Should Smokers be a Protected Category?

In April 2013 I first wrote this post which appears below, though now with revisions. The reason for this revised version is found in an article by legal writer and attorney Tiffany Robertson of WeComply. In her article she asked the question Is Refusing to Hire Smokers Workplace Discrimination? Robertson points out that the ACLU …

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