Unemployment Benefits Bill: FAIL

I don’t often talk about politics. I find that, like religion, you are not going to change someone’s mind. And I am not really talking about a political view. I am talking here about the political process. The politicians in Washington, on both sides, seem to be unable and unwilling to concentrate or focus on …

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Affecting Legislation and a Referral to a Great Blog

Michael Moore over at Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog has posted about the Employee Free Choice Act. I know you may be tired of reading about this but you NEED TO. It is one of the most significant pieces of legislation that will have an effect on day-to-day HR. In my opinion nothing good will …

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Being A Strategic and Informed HR Professional: The Election Impact

Michael Moore of the Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog has produced an excellent analyis of pending legislation and the two presidential candidates postitions on that legislation. This is a MUST READ for all HR managers, regardless of how you may vote. You need to understand the impact of this legislation. See his Employer’s Guide to …

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