The April edition of the HR Carnival: The good, the bad, and the ugly

This week’s edition of Future Friday is postponed until next Friday in preference to publishing this month’s edition of the Carnival of HR. This month’s carnival is hosted by Dorothy Dalton, a talent management strategist, and coach based in Brussels, Belgium. Dorothy asked contributors to submit posts and tell her where they fit on a …

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A Model for Strategic Thinking

In their recent book, That Used to Be Us, Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum describe a strategic method that I thought might have some application to businesses and HR departments. The United States Air Force designed a strategic doctrine called the OODA loop. It stands for “observe, orient, decide, act.” It was used by pilots …

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Seven Steps to Being Proactive: Lessons from Great Explorers

HR folks often complain about how they have to spend all their time being “reactive” and have little opportunity to be “proactive.” Ever heard that? Ever said that? Yeah, right me neither (said with tongue-in-cheek.) SHRM has addressed that in the SPHR educational section of the learning system. They talk about the importance of being forward …

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