Performance Appraisal: How Often Is Enough?

I am often asked how often a manager should give an employee a performance appraisal. My response? All the time! To my way of thinking the job of a manager is to pay attention to an employee’s behavior and performance on a consistent basis and to correct as needed and to praise when appropriate. Unfortunately …

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Performance Management: George Washington Style

With the celebration of President’s Day in the U.S. having been this week I was reading some words of wisdom from George Washington. I thought his words would be, should be as applicable today. “Be strict in your discipline; that is, to require nothing unreasonable of your officers and men, but see that whatever is …

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Performance Management: Making it Work

Compensation consultant and blogger Ann Bares wrote, in her blog Compensation Force, about the Trifecta of Effective Performance Management. She points out that for performance management there must be three components: A well designed program that has defined objectives, appropriate metrics, and ease of use. Top management support that makes performance management an integral part …

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