What exactly does “exempt” mean?

This is a fairly consistent question from employers today so I decided to rerun this post. There is an update at the end, however. The Fair Labor Standards Act tells us we have two types of employees, non-exempt and exempt. Unfortunately these terms are not very explanatory and people often get them confused. Let me …

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Don’t count on the FLSA changes being delayed

If you have been paying attention to the over 500,000 articles and news items written on the impending Fair Labor Standards Act changes you know that those changes are scheduled to take place on December 1, 2016. Employers have been scrambling to determine which employees will have their classification changes. However, many of the more …

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The Importance of Primary Duty in Exempt Status

  We all know that to be exempt means that the employee is not eligible to be paid overtime. This is not determined by job title. There are several factors that go into deciding if an employee qualifies to be exempt. First they have to be paid a salary, but that is not sufficient, a …

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