Why Documentation is Important

  In a lawsuit companies and plaintiffs (those ex-employees suing you) give sworn testimony about what occurred in their particular case. The problem with this is memories fade or memories can change or be changed; and that is why documentation is important. Memories can be manipulated According to a post in BrainBlogger there have been …

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Three reasons supervisory training is so important

  My consulting practice is geared toward small and midsize businesses. One issue I find that is common to many of those companies is a lack of supervisory training. Of course that is unfortunately all too common with larger companies as well. We promote people to those positions often without any preparation. It is as …

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In 2013 Supervisory Training will be Critical

  If you saw my post on my HR Predictions for 2013 you have some idea why supervisory training will be critical in 2013. The government is going to be very active in watching for potential discrimination, overtime violations and safety violations and where the “rubber meets the road” is in the actions of supervisors. …

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