What exactly does “exempt” mean?

This is a fairly consistent question from employers today so I decided to rerun this post. There is an update at the end, however. The Fair Labor Standards Act tells us we have two types of employees, non-exempt and exempt. Unfortunately these terms are not very explanatory and people often get them confused. Let me …

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From the Archive: Travel Time and Your Non-exempt Employee

I am away this week. Since I am traveling I was reminded that air travel may be more difficult to deal with under the new FLSA regulations. You may have employees who traveled as exempt employees who will now be reclassified as non-exempt employees. The rules for paying them become more complicated, you had better …

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Travel Time and Your Non-exempt Employee

As I am teaching a class or consulting with a client I usually get looks of disbelief and bulging neck veins when I talk about travel time and how it is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. As the title of this post implies travel time for exempt employees is NOT anything special. But …

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