NLRB Decisions have reached the level of absurd

Writer and philosopher Albert Camus once said “At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.” I was struck in the face with such a feeling when I read the NLRB’s decision on a handbook statement T-Mobile had in their handbook. According to David Pryzbylski, of the law firm …

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NLRB rules calling your boss a “NASTY MOTHERF**KER” is protected!

In the words of the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live “Isn’t that special.” In a ruling that is certain to make some people shake their heads the NLRB ruled that obscene and offensive language did not go “beyond the pale” as one dissenting member said. It seems to open the door to making union …

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Unions now have access to your email

Late last year the National Labor Relations Board rendered a couple of decisions that are a radical departure from previous actions. I wrote about these on December 15th. One of those decisions dealt with whether employees can use a company email system to conduct union organization. In a 3-2 decision along party lines the NLRB …

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