New Day New Wage for Federal Contractors

In 2015 the President issued Executive Order 13658 raising the minimum wage that all federal contractors must pay to $10.10 per hour. It is now a new day and a new wage is required. January 1st increase On January 1, 2016 that minimum wage increased to $10.15 per hour. If the contractor has tipped employees …

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The Trend to Increase Minimum Wage Continues- Is the FLSA next?

The recent midterm elections not only brought about a change in the balance of power in Congress it also continued a trend that has been developing. This is the trend of increasing minimum wages in state laws. Five states had voters that voted to increase their state minimum wage. Additionally two cities, both in California, …

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Heads up! The minimum wage is now $10.10 per hour

We have seen the headlines. We have heard the news stories. We have seen the protests. It has happened, the minimum wage will increase as of January 1, 2015, at least for some workers. Federal Contractors It would be nice if there was one standard that all contractors had to conform to, but unfortunately that …

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