Becoming an HR Genius

A recent reader read my post from November 2010 on thinking creatively. After noticing this I re-read it as well. As a result I think it is interesting enough to re-pubish it. So here are some tips on how to become an HR genius. I have mentioned before that I am reading Futuring: The Exploration …

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Where Great Ideas Are Born

The inspiration for the title of this post actually comes from an article in Inc. in the May 2010 issue. (I am a bit behind in reading, but better late than never.) The online version can be found here at Incubation Nation. The article itself does not have anything to do with human resources. It is about …

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Blowing Up the Box of HR

I was reading a blog post by Kevin Elkenberry entitled Six Ways to Think Outside the Box. It was a good post. What I liked about it was the fact that he said he really dislikes the phrase “think outside the box.” He said that even that, much over used phrase, constricts your thinking. He …

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