What is intersectional discrimination and why should you care?

Despite what you may think this has nothing to do with deciding who goes first at a four-way stop. This is an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) term that has received new emphasis in the PROPOSED Enforcement Guidance on National Origin Discrimination document released in early June. You need to be aware of this and …

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Did you know that National Origin discrimination covers American born workers?

In a somewhat unusual case a judge decided that the EEOC was justified in its claim that an American company was discriminating against American workers on the basis of national origin. Puzzled? Let me explain. Harder on Americans A Georgia farm was accused of having standards for American workers that were higher and more stringent …

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HR Should Be On Alert as 9/11 Anniversary Approaches

This coming Sunday will be the 10th Anniversary of the attack on the United States by the terrorists of Al-Qaeda. This anniversary will be widely publicized in the news and numerous TV specials. This activity will have the effect of causing emotions to rise to the surface. This may result in discriminatory acts against employees …

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