Napping at Work: Why You Should Finally Implement AND Regulate it

I am a big fan of napping. I have written about napping several times, such as “Yawn”: Lack of Sleep and the Benefit of a Power Nap. This guest post, written by Jared Lichtin, appealed to me and I agreed to publish it. He presents a product that companies like Facebook and Nestle are using. …

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An Easy Way to Increase Your Productivity

  It is funny how serendipity works some times. The sky is cloudy and the sun is only evident by the indirect light. There is occasional drizzle or light rain pattering on the roof top. Probably like many of you this kind of weather makes me sleepy. Great day for a nap. So I lay …

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"Yawn": Lack of Sleep and the Benefit of a Power Nap

Like alot of other people in the United States, the Spring change to Daylight Saving Time made me groggier than usual. Plus an early wake up call today, the late onset of daylight and exercise all contributed to me feeling like a nap was necessary. A study just released by the National Sleep Foundation entitled …

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