Job Gains and Job Losses Continue to Show Gender Divide

If you have been paying attention to job figures of late you know there is a mixed bag of results, especially if you look at the job gains and losses based upon gender. There is a divide that is reflected differently depending on where you are in the country. An article in the USA Today …

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Your Skills Are Obsolete and Now We Cannot Hire You: A Proposed Solution

A New York Times article published Friday July 2nd, entitled Factory Jobs Return, but Employers Find Skills Shortage, it was pointed out that many factories are in a hiring mode again. They are ready to restaff and get production cranked up. So what is the problem? Just call back those folks laid off a year or …

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The Great Sex Divide in Unemployment and Retraining

The current unemployment situation, 10% or more of the population being unemployed, has made apparent a divide between genders. The Department of Labor for Georgia reports that 58% of the people collecting unemployment are men. Part of the reason for this is that much of the job loss has occurred in manufacturing and construction where …

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