Giveaway & Contest Ideas to Improve Workplace Morale

Today’s post comes from my friends at It’s not just your imagination. Your employees seem to be shuffling through the day and just don’t seem engaged in their work. It’s highly likely your team struggles with motivation and engagement and could use a boost of morale. According to Gallup’s study on the State of …

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How to Play the Good Guy While Being the Bad Guy

  Businesses are often accused of being the bad guy. Pay attention to cartoons (e.g., Dilbert), movies and television and you will often see business portrayed in a negative light. My experience has generally been that most businesses are not intentionally mean or evil. Many things we consider “bad” are not really intended that way. …

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Firing Idiots: A Commentary on Management

I was looking around for a topic and ran across a blog entitled Phil for Humanity. Written by a guy named Phil B. he covers a number different topics. His post called Firing Idiots struck a note with me because, as an employee, Phil points out some of the failings of management as well as, …

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