Future Friday: How to handle a mobile workforce with “hot-desking”

The workforce of the future is predicted to be a mobile one, capable of working from any location at any time because they carry their computing power with them. We are already seeing this occur and it causing some disruption in the management of physical locations. Companies are realizing they don’t need all the office …

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Future Friday: Supermobility

We have all heard about the ever increasing importance of mobile devices in the workplace. The issue of BYOD (Bring your own device) policies is a present and growing issue for many companies. The issues surrounding mobile devices are going to get larger and more complex due to supermobility. Supermobility In a post by Tim …

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The Mobile Workforce: Are There Enough Coffee Shops to Handle Us All?

One result (among many) of the past couple of years has been the number of people who are “mobile” workers. Some of these mobile workers are actually looking for work, or as I like to call them “self-employed with deferred compensation”. Some of the mobile workers are like me. I have opted to work out of …

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