Do you know the penalties for improperly classifying employees as Independent Contractors?

I gave a presentation the other day, on behalf of ComplyRight,  on how companies can incorrectly classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Many companies think that using independent contractors is a prudent way of doing business. It reduces an employer’s liabilities, keeps costs down and provides greater flexibility than might be achieved by …

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What Mr. Obama’s call for new overtime rules means to you.

  One headline declared “With A Swoop of His Pen Obama Makes Millions Workers Eligible For Overtime Pay.” This refers to the speech that President Obama made regarding changing the overtime regulations. The President said he was going to direct the Department of Labor to revise the Fair Labor Standards Act, first passed in 1938 …

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Not Paying Overtime May Result in Loss of Your Business License

  Perhaps it started with Hilda Solis, the Secretary of Labor, announcing that employers were stealing a $1,000,000 a week from their employees and she was the new sheriff in town and she was going to correct that. But since then a number of states and municipalities have been passing “Wage Theft” laws. Additionally, the …

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