The Trend to Increase Minimum Wage Continues- Is the FLSA next?

The recent midterm elections not only brought about a change in the balance of power in Congress it also continued a trend that has been developing. This is the trend of increasing minimum wages in state laws. Five states had voters that voted to increase their state minimum wage. Additionally two cities, both in California, …

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Wages and Taxes in 2013

  Well our hardworking and astute politicians (said tongue-in-cheek) averted the big jump off the fiscal cliff in a past-the-last-minute deal. But January 1 was a change point for a number of other things that may have an impact on your bottomline, whether you are an individual or a company. Let’s look at wages and …

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Eight States Raise Minimum Wages

With January 1st eight states raised their minimum wage. Here are the eight states. Arizona – increased to $7.65 Download the poster here. Colorado increased to $7.64. Tipped employee is now $4.62 Download the poster here. Florida – increased to $7.67 Download the poster here. Montana – increased to $7.65 Download the poster here. Ohio …

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