Mergers and Acquisitions: Is HR Still Being Left Out?

There was an article in the Sunday Atlanta Journal Constitution entitled “Merger Game Can Be Tricky.” (It also appeared online on Thursday).┬áThe writer Jeremiah McWilliams talks about the merger and aqcuisition activity of two Atlanta based companies, Wendy’s/Arby’s and Rock-Tenn. Both have gotten to where they are through M & A. Now one of them …

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Aggressive Recruiting: Acquiring the Talent and Avoiding the Buildings

There is a very interesting article today on, written by Dr. John Sullivan, regarding aggressive recruiting as an alternative to a merger and acquisition. His point is an excellent one if what you are seeking in the M&A; is the talent of the target organization. He calls this the “neutron bomb” approach, where you …

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Mixing Beer Companies Brews Trouble

The Wall Street Journal did an analysis of the rumored purchase of Anheuser-Busch, by Brazilian/Belgian owned InBev. Some of the analysis dealt with the financial and marketing aspects of the deal, but much of it talked about the Human Resources issues that surround the deal. These include: Anheuser is heavily unionized and InBev has been …

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