Future Friday: Are you a Techno-Optimist or a Techno-Pessimist?

Are you fearful that your job will be taken over by technology and you will find yourself in the unemployment line for the rest of your life? Or are you confident that due to your skill sets and your personal adaptability you will be able to work along technology and be a productive member of …

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The Top 5 Disruptive Technologies that Will Impact HR

  In the May 22 issue of Bits on NYTimes.com writer Steve Lohr reported on a McKinsey report on the $33 trillion impact that they feel 12 disruptive technologies will have in the future. In reviewing this list I felt the top 5 will have a major impact on the field of HR. Mobile technology …

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Making Informal Networks Formal- Say What?

I was reading an article out of The McKinsey Quarterly entitled Harnessing the power of informal employee networks by Lowell Bryan. The article starts off discussing the importance of the informal network for communicating and passing on ideas. In fact Bryan and his coauthors state “As we studied these social and informal networks, we made …

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