How to Manage Work Relationships Between Millennials and Gen Z: A guest post

Today’s post is by Lucy Benton, a young writer, living among the population about which she writes. I think you will find this post interesting. Work is a dynamic place, uniting a lot of people working together as a team. They have different backgrounds, experience, characters. Moreover, they represent different generations and have different views …

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Five great reads to improve HR

Wednesday is always a good day to take a look at some writing other than mine that others have found interesting. So here are five selections that will educate you and improve you. Selection One Oops Uber made it in the news, but not in a good way.┬áJulianne Pepitone wrote in CNN Tech “Susan Fowler, …

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A House divided on Generational differences

If you want to find out about generational differences ask someone, they will have an opinion to share. Are Millennials more self-absorbed than previous generations? Are Millennials more concerned about society? Are Millennials more concerned about entitlement? Perhaps so, but I think the fault for these difference lie not with the Millennials but with their …

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