HR Blogs of Greatness On the Midway: Carnival of HR July 22, 2009 Edition

The folks at Inform are hosting the Carnival of HR this time. The have a great list of topics keeping in the carnival theme. You have carnival games “Roll-up, roll-up…everyone’s a winner!”. You have carnival food “Hungry? It’s Corndog and Deep-Fried Oreo time”. Games of skill, lost friends, uncertainity of what to do next and …

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Divorces and Terminations: Lessons to Be Learned

I was reading an article on divorce (just reading, I am not getting divorced- whew!) and I was amazed how similiar much of this was to terminating an employee. The article was about things you should not do to disrail your divorce. These included: Not paying attention to taxes. Being too generous to win back …

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