It is 2019 and Resolutions are not just for people

At this time of year people are making resolutions right and left. January is the month of self-improvement. Most of you will have made some or say that it is a waste of time. That is fine, but what about your business? Get rid of it! Peter Drucker, in four of his books, stresses the …

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Would you be better in HR if you held a job outside of HR?

In the certification classes, one of the key competencies that are considered necessary for someone to be a successful human resources professional is business acumen, that knowledge of how the business really operates. This business acumen can be learned in two ways, through study or through experience. Drucker’s advice Peter Drucker, management guru deluxe, advises …

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Improve your leaders to improve your employees

In The Effective Executive Peter Drucker wrote that “the distance between the leaders and the average is constant.” That is a pretty powerful statement if you think about it for a minute. It focuses attention away from the employees and onto leaders. Often we look at the poor performance of employees as the source of …

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