Are Robots Stealing or Creating Jobs?

This post is brought to you by my friends at I write a great deal about the coming technology take over of work. I though I would let you read something about this from another voice.  Are robots destined to put humans out of work, or will they create the biggest job boom in …

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Future Friday: The future for the young may be in the old

If you are a young person looking for a job or if you are a parent helping a child decide on a career you may want to have them look at working with an aging population. There will be plenty of opportunity in dealing with the over 65 crowd. By the way that is a …

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Working Women: US, Russia and Iran and a Side Note on Unemployment

The title of this piece is long and the thought for it comes from my radio listening. In the U.S. we are lucky to have a system of law, and for the most part a social acceptance, that allows women to do most any work they wish to do. Certainly there are some sticking points …

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