Future Friday: Breathing a sigh of relief?

Many early prognosticators in the past have predicted the demise of many jobs due to the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI.) However, as time has gone by and AI has become more of a reality in the workplace the predictions of widespread job losses have been tempered some. So what are they saying now? …

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How You REALLY Create Jobs

  I had an opportunity to attend a portion of Dreamforce 2012 in San Francisco last week. It was informative, fun and energizing. Most of all it was a lesson in how you REALLY create jobs. Some background For those you who are not familiar with Dreamforce it is the annual conference for Salesforce.com, a …

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Solution To Job Creation Is To Make Everyone an Entrepreneur

The September 13th issue of Forbes magazine had several interesting articles on job creation. The first one I want to discuss is that of Tim Kane of the Ewing Marion Kauffmann Foundation. Mr. Kane’s article is entitled Every Man (and Woman) An Entrepreneur. (Sorry no online version available). He makes the point that America will …

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