Future Friday: How will Artificial Intelligence be used in the future?

I have written about artificial intelligence several times, for example in Future Friday: Artificial Intelligence and the HR world and Future Friday: The future of work definitely involves Artificial Intelligence. So why am I writing about it again? The answer to that question is found in the more widespread coverage that AI is receiving. It …

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Are you paying attention to graduation rates?

An article published in The New York Times, republished in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, talked about the rising graduation rate of high school students. The Department of Education announced that the graduation rate for the 2013-14 school year was above 82%, the highest ever recorded. The Obama administration hailed this and said that is expanding the …

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Is HR the wrong department for innovation?

Think about your typical HR department or typical HR person. Does the word innovator come to mind? For most of you probably not, it doesn’t for me. HR is often more concerned with the status quo or the best practice. HR is more concerned about not breaking the rules, after all HR is the keeper …

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