A new test for determining if your intern should be a paid intern

The US Department of Labor is in the process of becoming a “friendlier” place. One such change has come in the form of a new test to determine if an intern can be an unpaid intern or if they should be paid. No longer six factors In 2011 I wrote a post called Unpaid Internships …

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Interns/Co-ops Get a Leg Up on Dog-Eat-Dog Job Market

Many years ago when I worked for a manufacturing firm we were active users of students from a local big name engineering school. (Initials GT, also known as the “North Avenue  Trade school”.) We had a very active Co-operative student program going with them and used students every quarter. They would work for a quarter …

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Unpaid Internships Are Possible, If You Jump Through All the Hoops

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow named Matthew Zinman. Matt is an entrepreneurial sort who has started a number of businesses around INTERNSHIPS.  He is passionate about the value of internships to companies and to the intern. Having  worked at a company where we used interns I also know the value of the …

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