Clocking Out: Shutting Off The Brain

“The proliferation of phones and PDAs also brings with it wage and hour liability, Weitz says. As HR managers well know, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to pay nonexempt employees for all hours worked. Therefore, if nonexempt employees make employment-related cell phone calls from home during off-duty hours, that time is probably …

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Mandated Paid Sick Time: A New Angle

An article in the Kiplinger Online Newsletter asked the question “Is Paid Sick Leave Coming to Your State?” The opening paragraph states the traditional arguments for and against mandated paid sick leave. “Efforts are growing across the country to require employers to provide paid sick leave for their workers. Advocates say it is both unfair …

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Look Out! Here Comes Unionism.

If you thought unions have gone the way of the dinosaurs don’t look now but here they come. They have been in the news in the US quite a bit the last month or so. First the UAW dealing with the auto companies. Then the writers in Hollywood. And now home-based child care workers. Yes, …

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