A dose of people wisdom from Peter Drucker

Often people are hired for the wrong reasons. Hiring managers seek to minimize weaknesses rather than maximizing strengths. That is not the formula for success in hiring, according to Peter Drucker. From his book The Effective Executive, as quoted in The Daily Drucker, “Effective executives make strength productive. They fill positions and promote based upon …

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Does Résumé “Lying” Really Matter if You Can Perform?

  What does lying on your résumé get you? For a lot of people apparently a lot of trouble. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is in trouble. Apparently his résumé lists that he had two degrees from Stonehill College, earned in 1979. But in reality he does not. He has an accounting degree but not the …

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The HR Carnival

As I was reading through the posts that are in this issue of the HR Carnival they seemed to fall into two different catagories. I don’t know if it is the time of year that swayed my thinking (you know those resolutions that we name in January) or if they just fit. These posts seemed …

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