What women bring to the table: A lesson learned Revisted

I am in San Francisco this week as my wife attends Dreamforce. I opted not to attend, as I have in the past. But I was reminded of this post about a great session I went to in 2016.  I am in San Francisco this week to attend the Dreamforce conference. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, I …

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Changes in the sales world are outpacing the FLSA

As I wrote yesterday the FLSA overtime regulations are changing, subsequently increasing the number of employees considered non-exempt. However, that is not the only change occurring that will increase the number of nonexempt employees. Outside sales positions disappearing Technology is changing the nature of the sales position. How things are sold has moved from the …

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A recruiting lesson learned from marketing

I have said several times that HR can learn a lot from marketing, especially when it comes to clarity of message and branding, but I never thought about applying the concept of the sales funnel to the recruiting process at least not as I learned it yesterday while attending a session hosted by InsideView in …

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