From the archive: The importance of having the right supervisor

I have been receiving emails from workers who have read my blogs asking me what they can do about a horrible supervisor. That prompted this repeat of a post from 2016/ As a long time HR practitioner I have learned that most companies get in trouble not for what HR does or for what employees …

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Why Compliance training is part of good management: A guest post

Submitted by Ivy Deflin, Safetrac Good business is all about shaping your company, through your actions, through the things that you do, the things that you don’t. It’s an exercise in infinite potential, and carving your own pathways through the marketplace. There is no single way to conduct good business, or to build a strong, …

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Three HR Tidibts from the News

If you pay attention there are HR lessons in little tidbets of news. Here are three of those tidbits in three snippets of news taken from Thursday’s news. So you thought that training was not really all that important? Or training was just for lower level positions? Well the French luxury company LVMH doesn’t agree …

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