Future Friday Revisit: Shifting Megatrends and how they will affect the workplace

I posted this last year at this time, but I thought it still very relevant.  Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP also known as PwC just released a new paper discussing five megatrends they have identified. These five megatrends are discussed in their paper in terms of how they will affect global defense and security. I am …

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Intuitive & Innovative Tech for Your HR Team

This post is brought to you by my friends at SocialMonsters.org. From recruiting to retention, the human resources department bridges the gap between employee and upper management for all businesses, large and small. It’s not exempt, however, from the technological revolution. And while you’ve at least dabbled in automation, if you’re not getting the results …

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Future Friday: The Good and the Bad of the Coming Future

As you might expect there will be some good things coming in the next couple of decades from increases in technology. Unfortunately there will be some less than desirable outcomes as well. A 2014 Future of the Internet canvassing produced some interesting results. Pew Study The Pew Study was actually a canvassing of 1,896 experts …

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