FAQ: Answers to HR’s Most Pressing Questions About Identity Theft Protection Benefits

This is reprinted with permission from AllClear ID. If you are thinking about adding employer-paid identity protection to your benefits package, you may have questions about the value such a benefit brings to both your employees and your business. As a benefits manager, you’re responsible for vetting an array of options to find benefits that …

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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Need an Employer-Paid Identity Theft Protection Benefits

This was originally posted on the website of AllClearID. I met this company at #SHRM19 in Las Vegas this past June. I liked their company and I liked their product. They have given me permission to repost this blog. The surge in the number of Americans impacted by identity theft each year—at last count, the …

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Why Identity Theft might be a problem under the ACA

  The ACA “train” is rapidly approaching the station, at least the part with the individual mandate. The employer mandate has been uncoupled from the engine and has been delayed until 2015. But the requirement that individuals without coverage have to obtain coverage beginning October 1, 2013 is still in effect. Unfortunately some are concerned …

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