Three great HR posts for Wednesday

Today is a small collection of posts I think you should read. Great stuff from great authors. Reading these will make you a better HR professional. First up is a great post from Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employers Law Blog. In Developing an anti-harassment culture is key to stopping workplace harassment Jon talks about the importance …

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Six blog posts every HR person and business owner should read

I have an admission to make. I enjoy reading what lawyers write. Not all of them, but three lawyers in particular. They make this “lawyer stuff” interesting. I read many more than these three, but they in particular make it fun. I have selected two posts from each lawyer that I think present information that …

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I read lawyer blogs and newsletters so you don’t have to

There you have it, just one more way I save you time and money by helping you make better use of your time! I hope you enjoy that value for visiting my blog. Kidding aside, I thought you might be interested in some of the things that I read that I think are important for …

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