Future Friday Archive: Is our view of the importance of the future determined by how long we stay in a job?

I am out of the office today. I hope you enjoy this replay from earlier in the year. What is the future? Amy Webb, author of The Signals are Talking, says “‘The future’ is a meaningless distinction, especially when used to make projections or decisions. The future is simultaneously three hundred years, one decade, twelve …

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Future Friday: Have we forgotten about the future? Advice for HR professionals

If you read my blog on Fridays you know that I address the future of work and the future of HR. I embrace Futurism. I have developed a program to teach HR about becoming futurists. Why? I think it is critical to the success of business. That is why I read with interest Mike Montgomery’s …

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Future Friday: What the future will NOT be

I write every Friday about what the future may look like in HR. But what about what the future will not be? Jacob Morgan, author of the Future of Work, proposed that reversal of thinking as an interesting exercise, so I am going to engage in that a bit. What will NOT be One thing …

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