Key Outcomes for Employee Communication

A lot of verbiage is spent on what makes for good employee communication. Many people put a lot of time into thinking about the “hows” to do employee communication. But you need to think about the “outcomes” of your communication. Before we get to outcomes however, let’s review some of the¬†building blocks of employee communication. …

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5 Super Reads Before the Superbowl

There are many brilliant blog writers in the HR blog world. Here are 5 posts that I consider to be SUPER.¬†If you read these before the Superbowl you will be much better prepared to start the week on Monday. So before the chips, wings and beer have a pass at these posts. They are all …

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Marketing Tips for the HR Department

As an HR consultant I am always working on bringing in new clients. There are many traditional methods of marketing and selling, which unfortunately are not working as well in today’s economy as they have in the past. So it is time to look at new methods and since I am a blogger, and on …

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