What defines the task in knowledge work? Peter Drucker answers!

Peter Drucker was interested in knowledge worker productivity. He considered it a management challenge of the 21st century. In non-knowledge work, or manual work, the task is always given. What is made on the assembly line is not up to the choice of the assembly line worker. That is not the same issue that knowledge …

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HR as Knowledge Work

Yesterday I talked about knowledge workers and knowledge work. Today I want to to talk about defining the task and defining the results in knowledge work and how that applies to the field of human resources. According to Drucker the task is always a “given” in manual work. However, in knowledge work he says that …

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Managing Oneself: A Drucker Lesson

The June 1 entry on The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done deals with managing yourself and your career. He points out that most knowledge workers, which includes HR professionals, will have 50 year careers (or longer) while the average life span of the typical company is only …

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