One big reason to have coffee in the workplace

We all know that having coffee in the workplace contributes to employee alertness. Did you know that it also contributes to another employee trait that is highly desired in your employees. This trait is one big reason to make sure a pot of coffee is brewed for your people. Honestly? According to author Samantha Cole, …

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Why Honesty is the best policy in terminations

  I have often run across companies that want to soften the impact of firing someone by offering them the opportunity to “voluntarily resign” rather than have a termination on their record. In other situations employers are “eliminating a job” or having a “layoff” or some other action to blunt the perceived impact of firing …

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Does Résumé “Lying” Really Matter if You Can Perform?

  What does lying on your résumé get you? For a lot of people apparently a lot of trouble. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is in trouble. Apparently his résumé lists that he had two degrees from Stonehill College, earned in 1979. But in reality he does not. He has an accounting degree but not the …

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