E-Verify Just Can't Get Verification

E-Verify, the government program that all government contractors, with $100K or more, must use starting January 15th has been potentially stalled in the courts. According to an article in eWeek.com the Department of Homeland Security has been sued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and “…the Associated Builders and Contractors, the Society for Human Resources …

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Social Security Number "No-Match" , I-9 and Homeland Security: Someone Explain This One

The Department of Justice filed an appeal, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, on the injunction issued by a San Francisco federal judge on the implementation of the “No-Match” Rule. Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement on December 5th regarding the No-Match Rule stating that ” I …

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Department of Homeland Security Mad at Illinois

Back in May on my blog called “Catching Up” I wrote an item about the employment verification system the Federal government was going to require all employers to use when they hired someone. It is currently required of government contractors. Well, apparently in response to this, (the announcement, not my blog) the State of Illinois …

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