Future Friday: Older workers as the solution to unfilled jobs?

Millennial this, millennial that. Advertisements for products to hide gray hair or wrinkling skin. Slogans like “60 is the new 40.” Increasing charges of age discrimination. All these factors indicate that the U.S. is stuck in a youth oriented society. The problem is that perception drives employers to ignore older workers, often to the detriment …

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Age Discrimination: Going Away or Alive and Well?

A recent article entitled How to Start a Career at Any Age quoted Michael Brandt, chief operating officer of BrightMove, a Florida-based company that designs recruiting and staffing software. He said “Age really has no bearing. The only thing that really matters is the skills that you have.” Mr. Brandt estimates that 95 percent of …

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Hiring in the Recovery: Time for Some Honest Answers

There was an article published on April 1 in U.S. News & World Report entitled Why the Middle-Aged Are Missing Out on New Jobs. (I don’t believe it was an April Fool’s joke.) The author, Rick Newman, talks about the hiring statistics of various age groups. His statistics show that the over-55 age group is doing well …

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