What do you do with old personnel records?

I recommend to many clients that they periodically purge their personnel files. You don’t really need that “excuse for being late” from 20 years ago. You also don’t need to keep most of the records from an employee that you terminated 10 years ago. Of course there are some exceptions, such as chemical exposure records …

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HR Recordkeeping and the Cloud

There are many, many companies today that are moving to “the cloud” for their data storage. Naturally there are legal issues that need to be considered in making such a move. HR in particular needs to be concerned with HR recordkeeping in the cloud. Legal issues According to John Pavolotsky, an attorney at Greenberg Traurig, …

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The Genetic Dilemma for HR

I read an article on Scientific American about genome based medical decisions that was rather interesting. It described how we are getting to the point in the medical field about personalized drug regimens based upon the patients genetic make-up. Research has found that not everyone responds the same way to a particular drug even though …

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