Future Friday: Are we moving to a less global world?

On November 7, 2016 I wrote a post for Blogging4Jobs called What Would HR Look Like In a Less Global World? In that post I wrote about the fact that there is a developing trend that indicates the world is moving away from the global “we are all one big world” view that has been …

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Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work

I am away this week at an IBM #NewWaytoWork conference as an invited “Influencer” for my work writing about the future. For this week I am going to highlight a view posts that discuss some of the issues of mobility that we will be discussing at the conference. Originally posted in September 2014, this post …

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5 Global Trends affecting Strategic HR at SHRM13: Future Friday

  One of the first sessions I attended #SHRM13 was a presentation by Gary Kushner. Gary talked about the 5 global trends affecting HR, a subject I always find interesting. It was one of the better sessions I heard. The 5 trends I don’t think any of my readers will find these trends to be …

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