Future Friday: There is a future where robots don’t displace people

Everyone that ascribes to a dystopian future sees a world where people are removed from their jobs by robots. Quite a number of futurist writers, including myself (here and here), have envisioned a future where workers will be displaced from their current jobs by automation. Some have predicted wholesale unemployment, described as technological unemployment, with …

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Future Friday: Can you develop the skill of envisioning the future?

On the way to work have you ever thought about a conversation you are going to have later in the day? You thought about how it would likely go, but then also thought of another direction or two the conversation could take? If you have then you have the beginning skill of what it takes …

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Future Friday: Robots in the workplace is not all doom and gloom

We have read, and I have written about, the coming wave of robotic workers displacing human workers. The unfortunate truth is that this is not going to go away. Many workers, including those in the C-suite, may be replaced by robots if they do routine, repetitive work. Much of HR is included in that prognostication. …

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