Compulsory union memberships died a little bit more

On January 7, 2017, the ability of unions to force people to pay dues against their wishes died another bit when Kentucky passed Right-to-work legislation. This brings the number of states that allow employees to make a choice about belonging to a union to 27. Another indication of the decreasing influence unions have on politicians. …

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New “Right-to-Work” Law- A Test for Union Clout?

On Wednesday, February 1, Indiana passed a “right-to-work” law which allows workers in companies with union representation to opt out of paying union dues. Naturally unions in Indiana were upset with this “assault” on the institution of unionism. The last state to pass right-to-work legislation was Oklahoma in 2001. Southern states have long been right-to-work …

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Legislation Introduced to Strip States of "Right to Work" Status

The newsletter  reports that California Congressman Brad Sherman (D) has introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to strip states that are “right-to-work” states of that status. There are 22 states that are considered “right to work” as shown in red in the picture above. This was a state right granted in 1947 by the Taft-Hartly …

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