Future Friday: Creativity in Recruitment

The headlines read “One million more jobs than candidates.” Companies are struggling with finding workers to fill their positions. This is requiring those in charge of finding talent to be more creative. One suggestion for a creative approach comes from an interview with Cheryl Cran, a “future of work expert” and founder of nextmapping.com, which was …

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Future Friday: Lost your job to a robot, sorry but re-education will no longer secure your rescue

The title above is a paraphrase of a sentence that futurist Gerd Leonhard wrote in a an article entitled 2017: GOODBYE TO THE AGE OF REPLICATION, WELCOME BACK TO ORIGINALITY: PRODUCTIVITY… IS FOR ROBOTS. It is a fascinating take on what we may soon be facing in the world of work. Gerd says that what …

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Fostering Innovation

Ever had a great idea? Ever had that Eureka moment when an innovative idea just popped into your head? Most, if not all of you, will say “yes.” However, writer Steven Johnsonsays that is not really the way it occurs. In his new book Where Good Ideas Come From he explores innovation and the creation …

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